This just happened a few minutes ago.

I just finished the last episode of “How to get away with murder” and I was just waiting for sleep to visit me tonight. I was reading my bedside novel, another Terry Goodkind, when someone whispered my name. It was an airy sound. The moment I heard her whisper “Den,” I freaked out for two reasons. There was nobody outside my window and there is nobody else in my room nor on my bed. That whisper brought chills all over my body and I immediately went out of my room still scared.

I wanted to wake the people in my house but decided not to. I wouldn’t know how to explain to them yet another one of my paranormal experiences.

The Beginning

It all started when I was in Grade 6. We were sleeping overnight at the campus in tents for Boy Scout camping. I was lounging outside the office of the registrar when I heard someone typing inside. I checked the office from the outside but there were no lights on and the door was locked from the outside. Possessing a young mind then, I never gave it much attention. Despite the locked door and off lights, I dismissed it as someone trying to finish his/her paperworks.

There were more scary paranormal events after that. Some of it I documented in my previous posts.


My bedroom door is wide open for a swift escape if needed. I know these occasional paranormal experiences won’t go away but dealing with it takes a lot of faith and folklore.

They say you have to:

1. Put a glass of water under your bed;
2. There should be rock salt near you;
3. Make sure you have chili in your garden; and
4. Sugarcane would ward off elementals too.

Except for the rock salt, I have those three things already.

Others would also recommend to lessen mirrors in your house since mirrors are actually portals of the spirits. Should this be true then perhaps my house is their international Airport. Two walls in my house are fashioned with a wall-size mirror. All cabinets and dividers are made of glass. And instead of wooden doors, we have sliding glass doors. So I made sure that I don’t have any mirror inside my room coz it’s too much already.


I’m going to try to get some sleep with the lights on, an open door, and a rosary and a cross around my neck.

Wish me luck!

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