Sunrise Garden Lake Resort should be in your itinerary when you visit Lake Sebu specially if you are a landscape photographer. It offers a beautiful sunrise and an opportunity to commune with nature. The resort is not visually busy and provides a perfect marriage of land and water.

Logistically, you can say that Sunrise Garden Lake Resort is far from the center because it is already part of Barangay Lake Seloton but if you ask me, I would rather stay here than in one of those resorts that are always fully booked and/or always crowded because of an open restaurant. Let’s just say that if I decide to travel to an urban area, then I expect to be in a crowded and noisy place. But if I want to have a laid back vacation, then this resort will always be part of my choices.

It offers room accommodations for a very reasonable price ranging from 650/night ($15) to 1,800/night ($42) with complimentary breakfast of delicious tilapia recipes, wifi, and hot and cold shower. Guests are also allowed to use the swimming pool during their stay. You may also choose to be in one of the typical hotel room type of accommodation or you can rent your own cottage.

Since it is a little too far from the Poblacion, the resort offers transportation services as well as boodle fights and wedding packages. If you want to bring out the inner diva in you, they also have karaoke.

But most importantly, the view is so magical that it becomes a wonderful subject for landscape photography. All you need is a 10-22mm lens and you’re good to go. I don’t have that kind of lens so I just used my good old 70-200mm for the photos published at Don’t forget to click the “like” button!

For bookings and reservations, please contact Ms. Arriane Somido at +63936-416-9344 and at +63917-556-7763 or you may email them at You may also check their website at

How to get there?

From Davao City, you take a bus ride to General Santos City (3 hours).
From General Santos City, you may take a bus or van going to Marbel (1 hour).
From Marbel, you have an option to take the direct route to Lake Sebu by van (1.5 hours).
You may also take the longer route option that is dropping off at Surallah from Marbel (30 minutes) and take a bus or van to Lake Sebu (1 hour).

*All prices are in Philippine Pesos unless stated otherwise.
*Rates may change without prior notice.

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