I cannot attend the high school reunion today so I decided to watch a movie.

I Love You Beth Cooper was an interesting read for me. I think I decided to read it after I got too tired reading a medical sociology book.Anyway, I happen to have a copy of the movie and watched it. It talked about not doing, or saying, the thing you want to do/say and you end up regretting it. We do have those unsettled issues I’m sure specially when we were in high school but more than that, the movie made me reminisce, more like think about, what happened to me back when I was a skinny teenager with an acne-infested face.

I graduated from a private elementary school so going into a public high school rumored to be full of students stabbing each other or that a fistfight is common during recess was a concern. However, I never really encountered these things. It was not as worse than imagined but still I can say it was memorable.

What was high school like during my time?

1. First love usually happens in high school. This also comes with first kiss, first date, and first second base or even third.

2. First taste of rum. Yeah. I was tricked to try rum before I even tasted my first beer. It was awful. But at least I learned that when I get drunk, I zip my mouth, sit in a corner, and watch people.

3. First time to cut classes. I can still vividly remember the faces of my classmates when the house lights inside the cinema were turned on after the screening of Titanic. Someone said, “Maybe we should check attendance.”

4. First time to cheat during tests. Let’s be honest. We’ve tried to ask someone for an answer to the assignment or test even once.

5. First time to be called at the guidance counselor’s office for an offense I did not do.

6. First bus accident.

7. First supernatural experience. Well, it shouldn’t be the first because I already had this kind of experience in elementary but that did not count. I was unaware then. I didn’t know I should be scared and I stayed there the entire night.

8. First classes on life hacks. I learned how to make pasta in high school thanks to my T.H.E. teachers. I learned how to identify fishes and seeds, and wood base on its grain. I learned how to make my own dust pan and do calligraphy for a living. I also learned how to sew or where can you find someone to finish your weirdly sewn shorts. I learned basic carpentry and electrical wiring which was a big help when I installed DIY lights for theater classes in college. And last among the life hack lessons was, I learned how to crochet, for whatever legal purpose it may serve me.

9. First band. Yes. I was part of a band in high school. I played the keyboard. It never lasted.

10. First heartbreak. It can be romantic. It can be that your baseball cap was snatched while walking along the streets. This can also be your first death threat. But real heartbreak usually happens during graduation.

Consider this my musings based on a famous Sharon Cuneta song “High School Life”. The lyricist was right all along with this line, “pero kung graduation na’y luluha kang talaga.”

Now with K-12 implemented in the country, I know students will have a new kind of experience. But I believe it wouldn’t be that different in the end.

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