I was too busy lately that I had a lot of backlogs at work and in life. So much happened this 2016 which include my first Europe trip, first performace at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and most importantly, first time to submit my grades two days after the deadline. (Note: A request for extension of submission of grades was made.) Aside from that, I also have academic papers to write, edit, and submit, a dissertation topic to improve, and ninong duties to fulfill.

So who has the time to think about what to buy for Christmas?

Not until a Mommy blogger introduced me to Jolly Cow’s new Chocolate Milk Drink in the market today that I made a decision to give food this Christmas. Afterall, kids always like chocolates and mothers would always want their kids to be consuming something healthy but delicious. Apparently, these two does not go together often.

According to reviews, chocolate milks are better alternative to pure chocolate drinks in the market. With Jolly Cow, I think that it contains less sugar because it is not that sweet and I am not a fan of sweets so I liked it. It’s creamier and chocolatier compared other chocolate milk drinks available in the market. But do not compare it to pure chocolate drinks like Swiss Miss because there is a big difference in terms of taste.

Jolly Cow
Where do you think these Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk drinks would go?

So I have decided to give Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk drink for Christmas to 10 lucky kids in a community in Dawis, Digos City and hope that by 2017, they will continue to consume healthier foods and drinks. These kids are from the lienage of Kalagan tribe as the barangay is home to this indigenous group.

Jolly Cow
Jolly Cow is the perfect gift for Christmas.

I have tried Jolly Cow’s Chocolate Milk and compared it to 3 other popular brands available in the market. For someone who does not like sweets, Jolly Cow is your best choice. It is not that sweet so you don’t have to worry about its sugar content. It is made with 100% pure cow’s milk with 2.6% butterfat so it is creamier and it also used real cocoa so you would expect rich chocolaty flavor. It does not contain any vegetable oil and no other additional flavorings were infused into your drink. This highly enjoyable chocolate milk drink is best serve chilled but you would love it more if you serve it with ice.

Pricing is also reasonable. Compared to other brands, Jolly Cow’s Junior size is available at 200ML unlike its competitors with smaller sizes at 110ML. SRP is 23.75* but in the grocery store I visited, it was sold at 24.95*. I was not able to get the price of its 1 liter sizes because it was out of stock but I was informed that its SRP is at 86.50*.

Speaking of availability, I believe Jolly Cow is a hit because it is always out of stock. So if you are like me who decided to give Jolly Cow’s Chocolate Milk this Christmas, it is not available at NCCC Mall, SM Ecoland, all 7-11 stores within that area, Davao Central Convenience Store in Puan, Felcris Centrale, Mintal, and Quimpo, HB1 in Puan, local stores in Puan, S&R Membership Shopping, and Robinsons Supermarket at Abreeza Ayala Mall. Yes. I went to all of these places to look for this product. But alas, I found it at Park N Shop in Victoria Plaza – the first mall in the city. But they only have Junior sizes. When I went their, they only have 8 pieces left of the 200ML chocolate milk drink.

Jolly Cow
Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk drink junior size. (Don’t mind the Jollycoco label.)

So what are you waiting for? Jolly Cow is that good that it is always out of stock. Go to your nearest grocery store and look for today’s latest chocolate milk drink.

Jolly Cow is a product of Denmark and is packed for Fly Ace in the Philippines. For more information about this product, you may check their Facebook account at facebook.com/jollycowPH.

Jolly Cow
denciojuan enjoying his Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk Junior. This drink gets a thumbs up!

*Prices are in Philippine Pesos

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