Saving Sally
Sorry for the folded poster. It was like this in cinemas because the theater is shared with another MMFF entry.

Who is Sally and why does she needed saving? Is this a movie about a damsel in distress waiting for her prince charming to rescue her? Is this a movie about a weak woman who can’t survive real life without a man?

This is my response when a friend told me to watch Saving Sally. All I know is that this is an animated film that took years to finish. So yesterday, I decided to watch Saving Sally only because that is the only MMFF movie screened at NCCC Mall that I have not watched yet.

Saving Sally is worth the wait as other reviews say since it took 12 years to actually make this film. Led by Direk Avid Liongoren, Saving Sally tells the story of Sally, played by Rhian Ramos, who I believe would want to see the world as positive as she could. She acts strong despite her issues. She saved Marty, played by Enzo Marcos, from the school bully. She invents things to make her life comfortable and she finds ways to escape her harsh realities.

Sally saved Marty and Marty fell in love with Sally and Sally fell in love with someone else who is visualized here as a giant dickhead. That is the entire plot. Sally and Marty had other relationships but in the end, they realized they needed and love each other more than anyone else in the world. Cliché.

But true to the genre they have chosen, a plot like this would work in an animation. The simpler the storyline is, the easier it is to visualize. Don’t we all love Japanese animes with the same storyline per episode? For someone who is looking for a romantic film that is light and pleasing to the eyes, this movie is for you. Despite the common plot, you know that there was effort in making this film. 12 years ba naman ginawa. But if you are looking for a kind of story that mimics, perhaps Before Sunrise, then this movie is not for you.

But let’s go back to the question. Why does she needed saving? You have to watch the film to answer that. And right now, Saving Sally needed saving. Go to NCCC Mall or Gaisano Mall to watch this film. Don’t go to SM.

denciojuan gives a thumbs up for this movie.

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