After watching the film, I overheard a father said “I wasted 165* for this useless film”.

Vince & Kath & James

I was apprehensive when I saw that there were no other MMFF 2016 entries screened at NCCC Mall that I haven’t watched yet except Vince & Kath & James. I was adamant during the first day of screening of all MMFF 2016 entries. Long lines were observed for Seklusyon and Vince & Kath & James. The demographics for Seklusyon were those who apparently know who Erik Matti is and what this filmmaker can do while the demographics for Vince & Kath & James were those Wattpad generation babies who were able to save enough allowance or cajoled their parents for a 165* movie ticket.

I was also informed by cinema staff why pricing for this film is more expensive than the rest of the entries this year. The only reason why this is more expensive is because it is a Star Cinema film. If you paid 165* for this movie, 10 would go to Star Cinema while 5 will go to MMFF. That is why Star Cinema is in great pain now why Vice Ganda did not make it to the final 8 films this year.

I was convinced by a friend to watch this movie because according to some sources online, this is different. This movie is not one of those recycled storylines.

It may aroused a lot of screaming inside the cinema from those teenagers who were able to browbeat their parents and ninong and ninangs for some money but it does not contribute to uplifting the film studies and industry as a whole. It however uplifted the pockets of Star Cinema.

The movie says body shaming is bad yet almost all the time you can see James showing off his muscles emphasizing that women will droll over this kind of body. They also make fun of a closeted gay character.

Ambot. I guess the father who accompanied his 10 year old daughter was right. In bisaya he said, “Nagkalas lang ko ug 165* para sa walay pulos na salida!”

denciojuan gives a triple summersault going to the pits of hell thumbs down for this film.


* Philippine pesos.

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