Let’s just say I am a sucker for most Disney movies and when the news of a live-action Beauty and the Beast came out, I was excited. I was even more happy when the soundtrack was released on You Tube ealier than the screening of the film.

I just watched the film (again) while I was contemplating on my life here in Melbourne and these are some of my favourite and least favourite things in the movie.


The best song for me is Evermore. It was performed by the Beast when he decided to free Belle so she can be with her father. I literally cried during that scene.

My next favorite song is Something There. I don’t know why but I felt brewing love while it was performed. I was immediately rooting for their love story even if I already knew the ending of the movie. In fact, we all know the ending of the movie, right? Haha

However my least favourite songs were “Be Our Guest” and “Belle” because of the lack of vocal calisthenics. I remember the grand sound of the choir in the animated version of “Be Our Guest” and the strength of Belle’s voice belting out her most judgmental song.


My most favourite part was when Belle was hit by a big snowball made by the Beast in “Something There” and all scenes of Mrs. Pots and Chip. The drama when the Beast was singing “Evermore” was so enchanting I was not able to hold back tears.

But I would really love to look at Gaston’s bloody body as it fell from the tower. It will surely give me a satisfactory feeling knowing that the dimwitted Gaston is dead with his bones broken and his body twisted. That release of tension after the fight scene with the Beast was not given to me! Then again, this movie was not directed by Tim Burton and somehow the target audience are kids, so I should not expect dark scenes here.

In general, I still like the movie despite less blood in it.

One thought on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. I love the new Beauty and the Beast movie. It reintroduced Beauty and the Beast back into my life. I almost forgot about how much I I loved the animated version. The new song I love is Evermore

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