Beauty and the Beast

Let’s just say I am a sucker for most Disney movies and when the news of a live-action Beauty and the Beast came out, I was excited. I was even more happy when the soundtrack was released on You Tube ealier than the screening of the film.

I just watched the film (again) while I was contemplating on my life here in Melbourne and these are some of my favourite and least favourite things in the movie.

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Sarah Geronimo is in DC!

My officemate, Julius, seems to be too eager to promote the show of Pop Star Sarah Geronimo in Davao City. Every single day he tries to convince me to watch the show. He said that the title of the show is The Great Unknown.

Sarah G

And I guess I’d be watching it. For those who still have not booked their tickets for this event, all you have to do is go to SM Lanang Premier and look for the booth where they sell tickets. It won’t be that hard to find. A tarp stand with the poster of the event is very obvious and it is beside SM Supermarket.. You may also check SM Tickets online for more information.

Aside from that, this event is brought to us by EKG Productions so you may send them a message through facebook at (don’t forget to hit the like button) or you may call them at +63916 749 5883.

Prices are at

VVIP – P3600 (reserved seating)

VIP – P2750 (free seating)
GOLD – P1690 (free seating)
SILVER – P998 (free seating)
GEN AD – P630 (Opened New Slots)

I usually buy a golden ticket so it ain’t that far from the stage nor is it too expensive. But if you are interested in buying a golden ticket, you have to hurry. I was informed that golden tickets are selling like pancakes and General Admission tickets are SOLD OUT.

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“Saving Sally” Needs Saving

Saving Sally
Sorry for the folded poster. It was like this in cinemas because the theater is shared with another MMFF entry.

Who is Sally and why does she needed saving? Is this a movie about a damsel in distress waiting for her prince charming to rescue her? Is this a movie about a weak woman who can’t survive real life without a man?

This is my response when a friend told me to watch Saving Sally. All I know is that this is an animated film that took years to finish. So yesterday, I decided to watch Saving Sally only because that is the only MMFF movie screened at NCCC Mall that I have not watched yet.

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Ang Babae sa Septic Tank Part 2: Forever’s Not Enough


One of the first MMFF 2016 entries I watched was Ang Babae sa Septic Tank Part 2: Forever’s Not Enough for two basic reasons – the first one was a personal favorite so watching part two is a requirement and there were a few people getting in line for this movie which is sad.

The Short Film

This year’s full length films also feature entries for the short film category. Each short film is paired with a full length film that somehow carries the same theme. Septic Tank was paired with the short film “Manila Scream” by Roque Lee and Blair Camilo inspired by an 1893 painting “The Scream” of Edvard Munch. Personally, it was one of those short films that is trying too hard to be a social commentary “screaming” at social issues including air pollution and poverty and just like the painting, a commentary of the self and its environment. To include this as Septic Tank’s tandem was weird for me. The film did not come across as comedy for me. Borrowing Chris Martinez’s line in his play “Last Order sa Penguin”, this short film is too pa-deep.

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