Mga Bitoon sa Siyudad (Stars in the City)

Mga Bitoon sa Siyudad

This year’s Metro Manila Film Festival is controversial due to the fact that known production houses and household celebrity names were not included in the list. This includes movies of Vice Ganda, Vic Sotto and Mother Lily. This festival has been accused and found GUILTY of only helping out big production houses and feeding Filipino audiences with canned and formula-based storylines. This year, true to the slogan of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, change has come to the MMFF not only in full length films but in the short film category as well. Out of more than 50 entries nationwide, 8 were chosen to be included in this year’s festival. All 8 short films are 5 minutes long and is shown with a full length movie. Sitsiritsit was shown with Seklusyon, Manila Screen was shown with Ang Babae sa Septic Tank Part 2, and Mitatang was shown with Die Beautiful. I was lucky to be invited to a special screening of Mga Bitoon sa Siyudad  (Stars in the City) of direk Jarell Serencio, a graduate of Holy Cross of Davao College and has served as researcher for ABS-CBN’s Maalaala Mo Kaya. For direk Jarell, this is his second short film in a festival. His first was Victor which garnered the Best Film award at the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival in 2012 of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. This year, direk Jarell is hoping to tell the story of the Roxas Night Market bombing in his hometown Davao City. Continue reading “Mga Bitoon sa Siyudad (Stars in the City)”

What can I give you this Christmas?

I was too busy lately that I had a lot of backlogs at work and in life. So much happened this 2016 which include my first Europe trip, first performace at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and most importantly, first time to submit my grades two days after the deadline. (Note: A request for extension of submission of grades was made.) Aside from that, I also have academic papers to write, edit, and submit, a dissertation topic to improve, and ninong duties to fulfill.

So who has the time to think about what to buy for Christmas?

Not until a Mommy blogger introduced me to Jolly Cow’s new Chocolate Milk Drink in the market today that I made a decision to give food this Christmas. Afterall, kids always like chocolates and mothers would always want their kids to be consuming something healthy but delicious. Apparently, these two does not go together often.

According to reviews, chocolate milks are better alternative to pure chocolate drinks in the market. With Jolly Cow, I think that it contains less sugar because it is not that sweet and I am not a fan of sweets so I liked it. It’s creamier and chocolatier compared other chocolate milk drinks available in the market. But do not compare it to pure chocolate drinks like Swiss Miss because there is a big difference in terms of taste.

Jolly Cow
Where do you think these Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk drinks would go?

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High School First Time

I cannot attend the high school reunion today so I decided to watch a movie.

I Love You Beth Cooper was an interesting read for me. I think I decided to read it after I got too tired reading a medical sociology book.Anyway, I happen to have a copy of the movie and watched it. It talked about not doing, or saying, the thing you want to do/say and you end up regretting it. We do have those unsettled issues I’m sure specially when we were in high school but more than that, the movie made me reminisce, more like think about, what happened to me back when I was a skinny teenager with an acne-infested face. Continue reading “High School First Time”

Take Care of your Heart

In the next few minutes and even in the coming days you will be listening to speeches about how life really starts after graduation or that it is now your time to serve the people. You will be listening to a lot of congratulatory messages and some of you might even start reminiscing your college life. People will tell you how real life can be a real B to the H and that you cannot just twerk your way out of any bad situation like Miley. Worst, you cannot just whip/nae nae your uber high taxes. But no matter what challenges you face after this, when life starts getting you down and reaching the stratospheric heights of your career seems impossible, there is always that nook you can come home to. I’m not talking about infrastructure and I am not referring to your loved ones alone. I’m talking about your heart. This is your real home. Listen to it. Be at peace with it. Take care of it. And don’t let other people ruin it because not many people have the talent to rebuild it. Sometimes, not even us. So to you dear graduates, I only have two words and a few lines from Kristin Chenoweth.

Living here in this brand new world
Might be a fantasy
But it taught me to love
So it’s real to me

And I’ve learned that we must look
Inside our hearts to find
A world full of love Like yours,
Like mine, Like home

In behalf of the program, Take Care everyone! Congratulations.


This was my last message to this year’s BACA Graduates during the CHSS Send-off Ceremony last 23 June 2015.

What to do in Estares Lake Resort?


Estares Lake Resort is the first resort I visited in Lake Sebu way back 8 years ago. I was ask by an NGO to give a talk on using the T’boli’s folklore in teaching science and math. It was a quick trip. I took the bus from Davao to Marbel around 4AM (I think) and arrived at the resort around 10AM just in time for the lecture.

The resort was so simple then. But when I had the opportunity to visit the place last year, I was happy of the improvements I saw. They removed the souvenir shop and made the area a viewing and listening deck. They refurbished the rooms, added four additional rooms and dorm type accommodations, and a cute kids park. They still have the floating restaurant and the logo is still a big tilapia (but they changed the color) however the restaurant was way better compared to 8 years ago. The food was still amazing. Afterall, Estares was the first resort in Lake Sebu established in 1992. Continue reading “What to do in Estares Lake Resort?”

What does Monte Cielo Resort offers?

The next time I’m visiting Lake Sebu, I will definitely go back to Monte Cielo Resort.

Let me qualify that statement.

We arrived at Monte Cielo Resort a little after 9:00PM since the supposedly short lecture on online marketing in another resort went from short to eternity since most of the team members were very enthusiastic in sharing their stories.

We were all too tired to really take in the look of the place so Miss Mayette Sy, a former flight attendant and the owner of the resort, graciously ushered us to our rooms. The boys were together in one room while Leah of and Mommy Verna of were ushered to another one. And since most of us were Internet junkies who required a lot of electrical sockets for our “tools-of-trade,” we immediately scoured the whole house for it. Luckily, I was able to find one for my phone.

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