Take Care of your Heart

In the next few minutes and even in the coming days you will be listening to speeches about how life really starts after graduation or that it is now your time to serve the people. You will be listening to a lot of congratulatory messages and some of you might even start reminiscing your college life. People will tell you how real life can be a real B to the H and that you cannot just twerk your way out of any bad situation like Miley. Worst, you cannot just whip/nae nae your uber high taxes. But no matter what challenges you face after this, when life starts getting you down and reaching the stratospheric heights of your career seems impossible, there is always that nook you can come home to. I’m not talking about infrastructure and I am not referring to your loved ones alone. I’m talking about your heart. This is your real home. Listen to it. Be at peace with it. Take care of it. And don’t let other people ruin it because not many people have the talent to rebuild it. Sometimes, not even us. So to you dear graduates, I only have two words and a few lines from Kristin Chenoweth.

Living here in this brand new world
Might be a fantasy
But it taught me to love
So it’s real to me

And I’ve learned that we must look
Inside our hearts to find
A world full of love Like yours,
Like mine, Like home

In behalf of the program, Take Care everyone! Congratulations.


This was my last message to this year’s BACA Graduates during the CHSS Send-off Ceremony last 23 June 2015.

Lake Sebu Mountain Log Resort

Mountail Log

Going inside Lake Sebu Mountain Log Resort felt like going into another dimension. With its tall wooden gates covered with plants and an unpaved driveway reminding you of The Lord of the Rings movie, you would immediately say you would like to stay in this resort. Its restaurant, rooms and cottages that ranges from 600 to 3000 pesos per night, and function hall were hidden from view with a lot of plants. It offers a dining cottage where you are surrounded by water lilies and a wonderful view of the lake in your foreground and the mountains for your background. The resort also offers a wide array of tilapia recipes as well as other recreation activities including tilapia fishing if you are not that hungry. Cook your catch was their concept.

Mountain Log

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Stare not Look

I went to NCCC Mall that day and bought a few books from booksale. I was happy coz I finally got a copy of Mary Poppins. That night, I finished reading the book and dozed off.

As most of my friends know, I am a light sleeper. Small movements and sounds wake me up.

It was a cold breeze that woke me up around 3AM. As I slowly opened my eyes, I saw a woman in white with long hair covering her face sitting on my bed, staring at me.

I was asked to write some of my paranormal experiences last month but I forgot to share it in my blog. This story happened at Door 2, Dollhaus Apartment, Mintal, Davao City.

Got it?

This means that if you buy this cellphone using your credit card and pay for it within 12 months, your monthly bill would be 4,500. BUT WAIT, there’s more!

If you pay for it in 3 months, you will only pay 1,125.

Get it?

What exactly?

so long ago
so long ago

The date says it all. This picture was taken long ago when we were doing our field research for Kalimudan 2007 sponsored by the Department of Tourism and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. This was taken at Madaum somewhere in Tagum City. We went to Madaum to interview the Kalagans about their vernacular architecture.

But enough with the introduction of the pic.

Wait, what should I talk about?

What exactly?