Got it?

This means that if you buy this cellphone using your credit card and pay for it within 12 months, your monthly bill would be 4,500. BUT WAIT, there’s more!

If you pay for it in 3 months, you will only pay 1,125.

Get it?

What exactly?

so long ago
so long ago

The date says it all. This picture was taken long ago when we were doing our field research for Kalimudan 2007 sponsored by the Department of Tourism and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. This was taken at Madaum somewhere in Tagum City. We went to Madaum to interview the Kalagans about their vernacular architecture.

But enough with the introduction of the pic.

Wait, what should I talk about?

What exactly?

I really don’t get it

I really wanted to buy this card when I was strolling inside one of the major malls here in Davao City. The next day, when i came back for it, it mysteriously vanished. i wonder why? wahahaha

What are you wished?

I wish for a Strunk and White grammar book.hahaha


Although my grammar sucks as well.hahaha

mariah carey’s hit song

Mariah Carey, diva as she is, will release an album entitled E=MC2 as tribute to the late great Albert Einstein. and her carrier single is called KEN LEE.

let us sing with Mariah.

Ken Lee

No one ken to ken to sivmen
Nor yon clees toju maliveh
When I gez aju zavateh na nalechoo more
New yonooz tonigh molinigh
Yon sora shooo
Yes ee shooo, ooo

Ken lee
Tulibu dibu douchoo
Ken lee
Ken lee meju more…

and we are called DENR people

when i went home one semester break, i noticed this sign hanging on our gate…just so you thought your cousins are not that creative…

and here is the result of their creativity…

no trees eh?
no trees eh?

i fell in love with this signage i never tried removing it…and so is the whole clan…

and i never posted it here until now because this was used as one of the featured pics in a coffee table book…ahehehe

we are all environmentalists…ahehehe