Sarah Geronimo is in DC!

My officemate, Julius, seems to be too eager to promote the show of Pop Star Sarah Geronimo in Davao City. Every single day he tries to convince me to watch the show. He said that the title of the show is The Great Unknown.

Sarah G

And I guess I’d be watching it. For those who still have not booked their tickets for this event, all you have to do is go to SM Lanang Premier and look for the booth where they sell tickets. It won’t be that hard to find. A tarp stand with the poster of the event is very obvious and it is beside SM Supermarket.. You may also check SM Tickets online for more information.

Aside from that, this event is brought to us by EKG Productions so you may send them a message through facebook at (don’t forget to hit the like button) or you may call them at +63916 749 5883.

Prices are at

VVIP – P3600 (reserved seating)

VIP – P2750 (free seating)
GOLD – P1690 (free seating)
SILVER – P998 (free seating)
GEN AD – P630 (Opened New Slots)

I usually buy a golden ticket so it ain’t that far from the stage nor is it too expensive. But if you are interested in buying a golden ticket, you have to hurry. I was informed that golden tickets are selling like pancakes and General Admission tickets are SOLD OUT.

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Last Monday, our music director asked us to evaluate ourselves in terms of our contribution to the group. Are we the kind of person who really loves making music? Or are we there because we are forced to be there? Or is it because the idea that you are part of a famous group is very inviting?

I will not discuss in detail the events that took place before this assignment coined “self-evaluation” was given. But being obedient, I did my own little way of evaluating my contribution to the group.

So one evening, after dinner, I began exploring the possibilities, the what-could-have-been moments.

I missed choral singing. I missed performing. And I want to experience these two again.


In terms of contribution in various engagements, I got 0. I was not able to join engagements because of my schedule. And working in Mintal is also a big factor that hinders me to be there on time. My class ends at 5:30 p.m. and usually, call time for engagements is always 6:00 p.m.

Attendance is worst compared to contribution. Lately, I had more absences compared to the previous months. I have to look into so many things in the office lately and giving 3 nights a week for rehearsals is getting more difficult considering my work load and location.

And I know how hard it is for our music director to face different people every rehearsal.

So I decided that perhaps I should rest for now.I believe that I will be a nuisance to the group if I force myself to perform half-heartedly. But I am more than willing to work for the group I love not on stage but off stage (for now).


I stopped performing in 2003 and decided to work behind the console. Now, I am performing inside the technical booth. Preparations for off stage performance (lighting design, set design, costume, props, script) is very different compared to how actors prepare for a play; in this context, musicians/singers prepare for a concert.

I get so excited everytime I have to think of a set design; and the level of excitement would gradually increase from thumbnail sketches to construction. I get so worked up with lights and its effect on the audience. I get worked up with details from colors to matching up costumes, accessories and lighting.


But then again, I still want to perform.

Hopefully, I will be given a chance.


Perhaps this is my little way of explaining myself. Perhaps this is my way of listening, evaluating and adjusting.

But to some, this is just plain excuse.

Of Passing the Himig Singers Audition and Contemplating on Quitting

February 2, 2009

Scary and unforgettable was that rainy February night as I marched through the hallway of Rizal SPED in Camus. I was brave enough to audition for the world acclaimed Himig Singers of Davao and fortunately, I was accepted.

The first two weeks was mortifying. I have to learn at least 10 new pieces in time for the first quartet exam scheduled this 26th day of February – from straight classical songs in Latin to something called “I’m a Train” is included in the list.

It is my fourth week now and I am seriouslly thinking of giving up because of the pressure coming from both singing and at the same time preparing for a major theater production. Anton Checkov will haunt me if I will bastardize his play. Should I pick work that offers nothing special but the whims and caprices of “the queen bee” or should I pick pleasure that offers not just the real pleasure of singing but concerts and travels abroad? Will I get the latter from where I am now? Will the latter be offered to me wholeheartedly without any hesitations as reward for all the things I did? But where I am now offers a not so enough salary to pay for my bills?

Then again…

I met some interesting, rather friendly (others are somewhat overtly friendly like the person seated beside me) people. I do not wish to leave these people, specially my latest confidant, but I still can’t find the answer to my question.